This is Country Jesus & the Extraterrestrial Highway

Underground rock on Radio Boise, every Monday night at midnight

Country Jesus is a name taken from the ZZ Top song Heard It On The X. The song is about Mexican border blaster radio stations of the 1960s, specifically XERF in Acuña, across the river from Del Rio, TX. At the time, radio stations in the US were restricted to 50,000 watts. Mexico had no such regulations, so stations along the border set up high frequency transmitters in an attempt to overpower US stations. XERF had a 250,000 watt transmitter, which supposedly could be picked up in Canada and, at night, far into Europe. Southern Texas stations had a hard time competing for a signal and the ZZ Top lads picked up XERF loud and clear in Houston.

Those border stations, all beginning with call letter X, were beacons for various oddities like psychics, snake oil salesmen, charlatans and such, like Dr. John Brinkley. There was much religious content on these stations. According to Dusty Hill, one show sold a prayer flag claimed to be autographed by Jesus. All kinds of music, except pop, was featured. Everything from country to blues to hillbilly music aired on these stations, and that was the lyric, “country, Jesus, hillbilly, blues; that’s where I learned my licks.” Billy Gibbons tells the story here.

Paying homage to the spirit, there was a radio show in Kansas City in the 1990s called Country Jesus & Hillbilly Blues that introduced me to much underground rock. Now I bring that adventurous spirit to the airwaves in Boise and beyond the universe, encapsulating sounds of the underground, oddity, diversity, etc, minus selling or proselytizing.

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    Bands that matter:
  • Melvins
  • Tim Kerr (Big Boys/Poison 13/Lord High Fixers/Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee)
  • Alice Donut
  • Subhumans/Citizen Fish
  • Breeders
  • Melt Banana
  • Black Flag
  • The Pretty Things ~~ best active website!
  • Eric Burdon
  • Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
  • Mudhoney
    More will follow. I'm Slow.

    Country Jesus has been on air since Halloween 2017. From 2011-2017, I hosted a radio show called rabble rouser.

    Thanks to Neocities for bringing back the better days of the internet.

    I'm pretty lazy about doing website work.
    One day, I may make this site look like something people want to visit.
    But mostly it's about having links to underground rock radio.
    And that don't need to be pretty.

    Not much music, but a cool site for 20th century americana:

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